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Pinhole surgical technique is one of the noninvasive procedure used by the dentists at Lotus Smiles Dental to treat gum recessions without using sutures or scalpels, leading to less pain bleeding and swelling as compared to conventional periodontal surgery. To perform a pinhole gum surgery, a dental surgeon utilizes a needle to make a small incision in the patient`s gum tissue. Through the pinhole, the gum tissue is gradually loosened using unique instruments which assist in expanding and sliding the gum line to cover the exposed root structure. Without any stitching, grafts or cutting necessary, you can expect slight bleeding, swelling and pain after the treatment are complete.

How does pinhole gum surgery differ from conventional gum grafting?

Gum grafting comprises use of donor or soft tissue grafts to reconstruct the gum line. By stitching up the mild tissue present, it will link with existing gum tissue as it heals. This conventional grafting treatment is efficient, although the pinhole gum Surgery gives a better experience to the patient with similar results.

Why choose the Pinhole Technique?

Even though the proper gum treatment can prevent the recession from worsening, visible injury can remain. Extra dental services may be necessary to tackle the gum recession completely. Common reasons for opting for the pinhole technique are:

#1 Reinstates the natural appearance of your gum line pinhole gum surgery

This technique will aid to boost your confidence when laughing or to speak by offering near-immediate improvement in the appearance of your gum and teeth. It results in natural-looking, beautiful and healthy gums.

#2 Reduces the recovery period

The need for a lesser recovery period makes this technique the ideal solution. Traditional grafting may take up to 21 days to heal, although the quicker and more comfortable Pinhole technique offers immediate cosmetic results with marginal post-operative symptoms.

#3 Treats numerous areas in one visit

Extensive gum recession may affect multiple mouth areas. Since conventional gum grafting takes donor tissue from the palate, treating various areas may be impossible. The Pinhole gum surgery can be utilized to heal several areas in one visit to the dentist which makes it more convenient.

If you have gum recession issues, this is the procedure to go for!