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There are many dental issues plaguing the world. The jaw structure of the teeth seems to be more affected by the modern diet that some didn’t thought before. Different kinds of sugars and grains that humans didn’t eat before, combined with the lack of protein and fat in the diet has led to many dental problems children didn’t have before. But the crooked and irregular placement of teeth seems to be the most prevalent. If you or your child have such an issue, the dentists usually recommend braces. Most often they will be metal or clear. Clear braces are a virtually invisible way to improve your smile. Metal braces on the other hand are the metal brackets and wires that most people picture when they hear the word “braces.”  Below is a further discussion between clear braces vs.metal braces. If you’re interested in getting braces, you can visit DDII Gosford’s clinic today and schedule an appointment.

Here are some clear braces vs.metal braces facts

Metal braces are the traditional option. They consist of a metal bracket glued to your teeth using some kind of metal cement. Advancements in technology have made them less painful, as well as increased their ability in teeth alignment. Another plus for metal braces is that with the improvements in technology they are now smaller than they were ever before. This reduction in size didn’t come with a reduction in alignment power. clear braces vs.metal braces

Clear braces aren’t a strictly medical term. It is a popular nickname people gave either ceramic braces or Invisalign teeth aligners. Ceramic braces are also more traditional, like the metal braces. They are less noticeable than metal braces. The lack of metal is also good if your mouth is prone to sensitive reactions such as swelling or bleeding.

Invisalign aligners are a new method in teeth alignment correction. They are similar to a mouthguard but thinner. This gives out the impression that you aren’t even wearing them. They do not push the teeth as hard and as much as the two traditional options. They also cost more than metal or ceramic braces.