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A dental air compressor is a basic necessity in any dental practice. It’s a machine that is used to power the tools that are used in dentistry. They include, syringe, handpieces, delivery unit and scalers among others.It’s designed to prevent patients from acquiring contaminated air in the operation process. This means that the main purpose of this instrument is to improve the quality of air during dental operation. You can see a variety of it at www.cattanicompressors.com.au/ in case you need one.

A dental air compressor should not be dirty or wet as this can lead to damage or inefficiency of the powered tools. This means that the pressure must be good i.e. It should not be less that the required. The air must also be clean to increase the lifespan of the teeth cleaning tools. The following are the most important factors to consider in an air compressor:

1. Air quality

As I said earlier, the main purpose of this instrument in dentistry is to improve the quality of air and make your dental instruments more efficient. An air compressor that produce high quality clean air is ideal. Quality air ensure safety to your patients and also protects your equipments.

2. Oil free compressor dental air compressor

Oil free air compressors perform well compared to oil lubricated ones. Most people prefer oil lubricated ones because they do not produce noise and are durable. But, they can contaminate the compressed air with the lubricants. So, oil free compressors are the best. This is because they don’t contaminate the compressed air. They are also small in size and light in weight hence can be placed in area with enough flow of air.

3. Water in the air

For maximum efficiency, each dental air compressor should have an air dryer. This is to prevent formation of bacteria in the air system. Since there are many types of air dryers, the desiccant air dryer is the best.

4. Noise

A compressor that produces too much noise is not great, a quiet one is preferred. If you are using an oil free compressor, you can reduce the level of noise by using filter silencers.

The main function of a compressor is not only to improve the air quality but also to protect your profession by ensuring the safety of the patient. Therefore, it should of high standard and efficient.