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An electric dental handpiece is a hand-held power-driven apparatus employed by dental practitioners in performing various common dental procedures like cleaning, fillings, eliminating decay, and fixing prostheses.It consists of a cordage, control unit, several accessories and a micro-motor. Unlike the air driven, electric is powerful, more precise and perfectly fits in the dental profession. This is because it utilizes an electric motor in rotating the bur and thus maintaining a consistent cutting speed and power for softer cuts and edges. If you’re looking for high quality electric dental handpieces you can see a variety of it at www.dentalhandpiece.com.au/.

To start an electric dental handpiece, a dentist is required to depress the control foot control which in return activates the motor thus producing electric energy wanted for rotating the bur. An operator/dentist can control the speed of the bur using the following methods:

• The foot pedal
• Programmable functions
• Interchangeable attachments
• Potentiometers or control latches
• Up and down keys and arrows

When using it, the externally attached parts can be immediately associated and disengaged in a short measure of time simply fit on a sectioned plate. On the other hand, inside fixed options permit the control mat and handpiece to mix in with the dental unit.


• They’re more precise in performing dental procedures like cleaning, fillings, eliminating decay, and fixing prostheses efficiently and effectively
• They have less noise and vibration that makes a patient more comfortable. Also, it helps a dentist to focus on the work he/she is doing.
• They offer continuous torque with wholly adjustable bur speed that’s adaptable with a programmable switch or foot control.
• It doesn’t shuffle consequently doing away with chattering. Chattering causes infinite cutting, inaccurate operation and administration of more energy.
• It takes little time, hence, reducing irritation on the patient’s teeth.

Every dentist should endeavor to acquire this handpiece for it ease all the work. Also, the handpiece guarantees a patient spends little time on the bench or chair because it’s faster. Last but not the least; its accuracy cannot be ignored.