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If you have a toothache that’s causing face swelling, you could be probably suffering from: infected gums, tooth abscess or recently had received a trauma to the mouth. For the later, X-Ray pictures will be needed to determine if there are broken roots, teeth or jaw bones. The sooner you see a dentist the better.

On the other hand, swollen gum or dental abscess is usually the result of pus pocket developing at the tip of the root inside the jaw bone. Lack of timely treatment cause the gum around the tooth to start swelling. This then infects cheeks and eye tissues hence causing face swelling. This condition is life threatening cause once it starts it spreads very quickly. The main cause of dental abscess is tooth cavity or cracks. The pain is aggravated by drinking/eating either hot or cold foods. Pain usually extends to the ears, neck and the whole jawline.

Swelling At The Chin And Neck

If the tooth pain causes swelling at the base of your chin and neck, you have all the reasons to see a dentist or a doctor. The swelling can cause a medical condition known as Ludwig’s Angina, the blocking of the airway leading to choking. If the airway is too small or it has closed off, you will be required to see an ER doctor or a oral surgeon who will place a breathing tube.

Swelling Near The Eyes face swelling

Toothache can cause swelling around the gum which may spread into the eyes and then the brain. The brain is a few inches from the mouth, meaning it too is vulnerable to infections arising from tooth pain. Sinuses at the base of the nose near the throat and blood vessels at the neck and head get infected at it is a matter of time before your eyes, ears and brain get infected too.

Antibiotics will cure and prevent the spreading of the swelling. However, if the swelling doesn’t cease even after taking the prescribed dosage, seek advice from an oral surgeon.

Home Care

After seeing a doctor, try doing the following to ease the pain:

  • Avoid too hot or cold drinks and food.
  • Put Clove oil to cracked, chipped or a cavity on a tooth. The tooth and gum will be numbed.
  • Put a pack of ice around the infected area to ease the pain.
  • Take the antibiotics as prescribed by the doctor.

Bottom line

Oral health is often overlooked. Be sure to take good care of your teeth. If you notice anything weird or experience some pain, don’t sit around thinking it will get better on its own. Face swelling around the eyes means you become blind, around the neck, you’ll choke things you don’t want to experience.