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Dental hygiene is usually classified into two activities, brushing and gargling. These two dental habits are easy to do as the products are user-friendly and mostly deal with just your teeth and mouth. On the other hand, there is also urgency in taking care of a person’s gums. However, flossing is something that people don’t like as some fear their gums or teeth bleeding. Orthodontic flossers serve as a very efficient way of cleaning gums and are available in electric versions. Check how to floss properly and ask clinics like CP Dental located in Emerald, QLD on how you’ll improve in your dental hygiene routine.

Types of Orthodontic Flossers

During one of your dental clinic visits, your dentist may ask what kind of orthodontic flossers are you using. This is vital in the list of questions as some floss products are not applicable to a person’s teeth structure. Some made of wax are not thin enough to go in between your gums while some are not able to get debris out at all. Do you know the kinds of dental floss out there? Check out the list that you can use whenever you want to buy your next supply of dental floss.

Unwaxed Floss

These dental products are traditionally made of thin nylon strands. Most of these unwaxed dental floss is unflavored and non-slippery. It fits perfectly in tight spots and is used by people whose teeth are close together. However, these 35 floss strands are prone to breaking and snaps easily.

Waxed Floss

Another traditional type in orthodontic flossers, waxed floss is less likely to break due to its coating. However, it is also harder to use in tighter areas for teeth. Waxed floss is also recommended for people with braces. This prevents the wires to get caught or tangled in the braces. It is also risky and may pull a brace alignment by accident.

Electrically powered

One of the latest innovations in dental products is the use of rapid pressure in removing dirt and debris. There are different types of electric orthodontic flossers available to buy. These dental flosses are mostly air or water pressure where stream is handled. There is a pump or motor to push the air or water from the container and through the flosser tip. Some are powered by a battery and some need to be plugged in during flossing. The advantage of using these electric-powered flossers is how powerful it can remove even small debris in between teeth. It also has different tips for the person to choose from according to their teeth structure.

Natural and Biodegradable

If you’re looking for the best dental floss out there, you may try getting natural ingredients for its wax. Some are also flavored according to their properties leaving you a minty and fresher breath. The good news about these versions is that it degrades easily. Cleaning your mouth and saving the environment is really beneficial, isn’t it?

Why Flossing is Good Dental Hygiene

Orthodontic Flossers Water Air And Battery Based

If you’re just used to brushing and using mouthwash for your oral care, think twice and consider flossing. As brushing only cleans the surface of your teeth, it leaves out the excess dirt and debris in the gaps between your teeth. Truthfully, plaque build-up happens in this area. Flossing prevents cavities and tooth decay and will also prevent other ailments. Some gum diseases may also lead to additional health problems so better treat your gums and teeth better by flossing.

In Case of Emergencies

A person who doesn’t floss regularly may suffer from bleeding for the first few uses. However, if you want to make sure that you are doing it properly, ask your dentist about it. There are also bleeding problems not caused by flossing itself but due to underlying gum diseases. Set a dental appointment at your nearest dental clinic for advice.