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Digital dentistry as the name suggests enables the dentist to use latest digital technology to carry out diagnosis as well as other dental restorative works on patients. As a matter of fact, DDSS and DDII, modern digital Sydney clinics, makes use of this advancement as it reduces the dentist’s dependence on mechanical and electrical equipment thereby providing more accurate and real-time diagnostic data and allowing faster and more reliable as well as efficient procedures. The French professor Francois Duret, who in 1973 invented the dental CAD/CAM is generally regarded as the father of dental dentistry.

The Use Dental Digital Scanner

An experienced dentist can work wonders with accurate data about the dental condition of the patient. Usually, the first few sittings with the dentist yield only diagnosis of the problem. This is because, it’s the most important step in the dental treatment process. However, this time can be drastically reduced by incorporating latest dental digital scanners to achieve faster and much more accurate diagnosis. There are different types and brands of digital scanners available in the market, each having distinct advantages. Features like continuous scanning and easy real-time data transfer give a complete uninterrupted picture to the dentist even during the treatment.

Advantages of Dental Digital Scanners dental digital scanner

With availability of 3D data, deciding the treatment as well as the further procedures become simple and easy tasks for the dentist. There are numerous benefits of using digital scanners. Some of the major advantages are as follows;

  • It’s faster and easy to interpret, thereby reducing the diagnosis time.
  • The data is much more accurate and reliable than X-ray or other procedures.
  • It’s more comfortable for the patient.
  • Patient can be explained further course of actions with ease.
  • Some scanners allow real-time pictures on a screen increasing the accuracy of the complete procedure, while reducing the time to a large extent.


Digital dental technological developments have allowed the dentists to cut down the time and patient discomfort. The use of latest equipment like dental digital scanners also increases the accuracy of treatment, which avoids any possibilities for any future complications.