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If you are to watch TV shows and movies up close, you can do nothing but admire how perfect the celebrities’ faces are, as if they are born to be in front of the cameras. We compare ourselves to them, and this ignites that dark feeling inside us – insecurities, flaws, ‘if onlys’, etc. What we do not realize is that the beauty we see superficially may not be natural and were products of science.

Most of them, if not all, underwent several procedures in order to look good. Their hair, eyes, body, and smiles are just some of the many things that can be corrected and improved using cosmetic surgery. Read on if you want to know tips on how to get perfect teeth like celebrities. If you’re looking for a Sydney-based dental clinic, you can go to No Gaps Dental Epping’s clinic today to achieve your celebrity smile.


Cosmetic Dental Procedures

perfect teeth like celebritiesDental procedures have only one thing in common – they are all expensive. Other than that, you can safely say that cosmetic dentistry is different from general dentistry. In a nutshell, general dental procedures are performed to prevent or treat a dental problem that can affect the overall health of your teeth. Cosmetic dentistry, on the other hand, is mainly concerned with the aesthetics of your teeth. Your teeth may or may not have any damage that needs correcting; as long as their appearance can be improved, cosmetic dentistry is the answer. Here are some of the most common cosmetic dental procedures that you can do if you want to have perfect teeth like your TV and film crushes.


Teeth Whitening

The #1 answer to how to get perfect teeth like celebrities is: teeth whitening! This is the most popular and sought-after cosmetic dentistry procedure in the world. Who wouldn’t want to have sparkly white teeth? What many people (and celebrities) would do is to go the extra mile and perform teeth bleaching. This procedure is more aggressive than the in-chair teeth whitening that our dentists perform, but when professionally done, the results are instant! While teeth whitening procedures now can be performed at home with customized whitening trays, tubes of toothpaste, or mouthwashes, opting for teeth bleaching for your perfect teeth should only be done by the experts. The chemicals used for bleaching your teeth may be too harsh, and it may cause irritation to your teeth and gums. It is best to have your dentist perform such a procedure so that the results can make you look and feel like a million bucks!

Who in Hollywood has had teeth whitening? The Kardashians, Emma Roberts, Sophia Bush, Hilary Duff, and many others have been performing teeth whitening procedures, some have even gotten themselves sponsorships and endorsements from teeth whitening products.


This is the holy grail of all cosmetic dental procedures. Wondering how to get perfect teeth like celebrities? Getting veneers is the number one answer! This procedure requires the use of very thin porcelain shells as masks for your teeth, making your pearly whites look flawlessly shiny and straight. Think it’s that simple? Well, read on to know how dentists perform this.

Dental veneers are not a do-it-yourself type of cosmetic procedure. These are not just sticker-like shells that you can put on and off anytime you like. Dentists perform this with extreme meticulousness, planning, and designing a way on how to make your teeth look perfectly aligned without making any tooth extractions or orthodontic procedures. To do this, your teeth will be filed down so that the porcelain shells can be positioned correctly side by side. Impressions will be taken and brought to a dental lab where your veneers will be fabricated. Once done, the dentist will glue these shells to your filed teeth one by one, masking any flaw and bringing out fresh, white, and straight pearlies.

If you have severe teeth stating or discoloration, crooked teeth, or gaps, getting dental veneers is the fastest way to have perfect teeth like the celebrities you see on TV, ads, and films. Kylie Jenner, Chrissy Tiegen, Blake Lively, Emma Watson, and Miley Cyrus are just some of the many A-listers who swore by the power and ‘magic’ of dental veneers.


Enamel Bonding

Not everyone likes to have teeth gaps like Madonna and Cara Delevingne. Celebrities like Zac Efron, Lindsay Lohan, LeAnn Rimes, and many more have tried to hide theirs using enamel bonding. You can also use this procedure if you have major tooth chipping on the front teeth, like what happened to JLo and Taylor Swift. This dental procedure uses a composite resin that is colored and molded to fit in between the gaps, making your teeth look perfectly close and intact. You can kiss gaps and chipped teeth goodbye if your dentist is an expert in performing dental bonding.



cosmetic dental proceduresYes, well, if you want to preserve the natural look and feel of your teeth, orthodontics used in cosmetic dentistry is not to be snubbed! Even your idols took refuge in them! Say Tom Cruise, Gwen Stefani, Zac Efron, Justin Bieber, Gisele Bundchen, and Eva Longoria have been documented to have undergone this systematic and tried-and-tested dental procedure that moves your oddly-spaced teeth to their correct positioning so you can have straight teeth. You can either have clear aligners (Invisalign, ClearCorrect, byte, etc.) or the usual dental braces that can be made ceramic, so it’s less visible. If you’d like to know how to get perfect teeth like celebrities then your orthodontist might be able to consult on your options.


Gum Reshaping

Gummy smile has no room for Hollywood, especially if you want to get the lead role. Take it from Miley Cyrus, Kate Beckinsale, Nicole Kidman, and Blake Lively. You have a gummy smile if you see that your teeth appear short, and most of your gums are showing when you grin. The gum contouring procedure sculpts and shapes the gums using laser light, making your teeth look big and symmetrical. It only needs a few days to heal, and voila! You can smile and show off your dazzling white teeth all you want!


Suppose you are wondering what cosmetic dental procedure will be the best bet for you to know how to get perfect teeth like celebrities. In that case, you can consult your dentist and let him perform a full evaluation of your dental health, so he can plan out and design the best route for you to have a camera-ready smile worthy of a spotlight!