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Having perfect teeth alignment is essential to having the perfect smile. This article will focus on how you can achieve the best smile you can have using orthodontic and cosmetic procedures.

What is ideal teeth alignment?

The foundation to a perfect smile is teeth alignment. Many people get referred to see their orthodontist because of bite problems. There are many ways by which the bite of a person can be viewed to make sure that they have the most ideal alignment for their teeth. Orthodontists will be able to look at teeth from all these perspectives to make sure that a person can have the ideal smile.

Orthodontists view teeth from the front, side and above to detect any problems or issues that can affect how a patient’s smile. The ideal alignment of a person’s teeth should have the upper teeth set a little bit in front of the lower teeth when a person bites down.

Teeth alignment problems

Overbite. An overbite is the way the teeth should normally be set. This is when the upper teeth are sitting in front of the lower jaw’s teeth. However, an extreme overbite may also be a problem. If an extreme overbite is left untreated, it may cause a person to be conscious about the way their smile looks.perfect teeth alignment

Under bite. A person who suffers from an under bite have their lower teeth sitting in front of their upper teeth. People who suffer from under bites usually have an appearance similar to a bulldog when they are resting, many people with an under bite are self-conscious about their smile.

Cross bite. A cross bite happens when the teeth on the upper part of the jaw fit inside the teeth on the lower part of the jaw. Most of the time, people who suffer from cross bites have a protruding lower jaw.

Other ways to achieve the perfect smile

After a patient has had their teeth alignment corrected, there is a chance that other ways can be used to help a patient achieve their ideal smile.

Lip fillers. The shape of the lips play an important role in how a smile looks aesthetically. If a person is self-conscious about the appearance of their lips, they can go to a cosmetic surgeon to have their lips altered. The professionals who work in the cosmetic surgery industry can provide lip fillers or other types of treatment that can enhance the way that a person;s lips look.

Teeth whitening. If a person has tooth discoloration, it is possible for them to ask their dentists about tooth whitening procedures. Having stained teeth can cause issues with self-esteem, but can be easily fixable at the dentist’s office. Using whitening mouthwashes can also help whiten your teeth. Please check out this in-depth review of the best mouthwash brands from Randwick Smiles if you’re looking for the best options.

Full mouth reconstruction. For patients who have multiple problems with their smile, they can opt to have a full mouth reconstruction procedure. This procedure entails a dentist correcting bite problems, crooked teeth, discolored teeth and other oral problems to help contribute to a better smile.

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