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Dental health is an integral part of our daily lives. While we’re enjoying our food, the teeth can support our chewing and grinding. However, if you’re disregarding your regular brushing, you may find yourself in deep pain from a toothache. Having a checkup with your dentist can pinpoint the primary source of this pain. Additionally, your dentist may suggest to extract this tooth or fix the tooth hole with certain materials. This process has many options to choose from. However, you might want to know how long do composite fillings last? It would help if you read about composite fillings online to check more about your options. You can also ask the dentists from Parramatta Green Dental if you need more information.

What Are Dental Fillings?

When a person’s tooth decays due to cavity or plaque buildup, there can be some spots that need filling. Without any filling, the tooth can have exposure to bacteria and infection. Many dentists can recommend two types of dental filling materials which are the non-metallic colored fillings or the metallic fillings. Both are very effective for supporting the teeth, and the difference in cost isn’t that much. However, some patients may feel that amalgam fillings are better as they last longer than composite fillings. How long do composite fillings last? We will tackle this question after pointing out the benefits of this type of dental fillings first. 

What Are The Benefits Of Dental Fillings?

Your decayed tooth may need repair as its holes are not suitable to look at. Aside from the usual prosthetics such as dental implants or dentures, dental fillings can get into the tooth itself, leaving you a more natural look. Your teeth can have misalignments, especially if your tooth is decaying from cavities. Gingivitis is even a worse situation that affects your gums. When you decide to get a dental filling, you can be sure to get a quick result in a few sessions. Some dentists can already have your fillings on the day itself. Also, the stability of your fillings matter as the material will tell you its durability. You may know how long do composite fillings last during your first consultation. Don’t forget to inquire about the functionality of your dental fillings. You don’t want it to be broken right after your dental treatment. 

How Long Do Composite Fillings Last?

How Long Do Composite Fillings Last Tooth DecayNow onto the question, “how long do composite fillings last?” Licensed dentist says that composite fillings last around five years. It may also take time for the dentist to finish the operation itself. Before you get your dental fillings though, you must know if these dental fillings are part of your health insurance. You can also try to look for better alternatives such as an amalgam or better materials for fillings. Nevertheless, these composite fillings are still beneficial as it is cheaper than gold or metallic/silver fillings. Consult your dentist if this procedure is applicable for your type of teeth damage. 

Recovery Period After Dental Composite Fillings

Aside from knowing how long do these dental fillings last, you should also be aware of your recovery period. It is vital since your composite filling may break when your healing process is not done correctly. Avoid eating hot or cold foods right away. It would be best if you also go on a soft foods diet so that your fillings stay in place. Remind your doctor to give you a note about the steps for your recovery.