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Excellent oral health and hygiene do not only encompass brushing and flossing two to three times daily. In fact, what you put inside your mouth could greatly affect the condition of your teeth. Even with regular dental hygiene and checks, bad food for teeth could easily cause oral problems. Besides, your dentist would recommend you to stay away from such food anyway. Prevent the horror of teeth loss by keeping harmful food away from your cupboard. But before you pout and throw away these teeth-damaging goodies, there are actually safer replacements. Hence, by choosing the food you eat, you maintain not only fitness but also oral health.


Bad Food For Teeth: The Damaging Process

It might come as a surprise to you, but the mouth naturally contains many bacteria. And depending on your food choice, you could damage caused by bad food for teetheither increase or reduce their population. When you choose bad food for teeth, it becomes a good opportunity for these oral bacteria. And when they have all the means, they could easily invade your oral cavity. From tooth decay to forming plaque, the worst things could happen. Aside from seeking dental attention immediately, it is essential that you cut off these bad eating habits right away.

Plaque naturally covers the teeth. But when you endorse sugar and starchy food in your teeth, they could quickly form acid. The acid formed does no better than these harmful foods for teeth. When an acidic substance is present, it could easily set an attack on your tooth even after your meal. And without the proper knowledge of how bad foods affect teeth, you could induce repeated attacks. The regular presence of bad foods could even break tooth enamel. This creates another great opportunity for the bacteria to cause damage. From an inflammation, it could even produce injury to the gums, bones, and surrounding tissues.


Bad Food For Teeth: What Foods To Avoid

When you know what to avoid and what to limit consumption, you could prevent teeth problems. If you are aiming for a healthier oral habit, you might want to stay away from these harmful foods:

Sticky candies and sweets

You don’t need to completely stay away from sugary candies. Instead, you can opt for products with less sugar and clear easily. Produce like lollipops, caramels, and taffies contains refined sugars and could easily get stuck between teeth. Although chocolates have been long marketed to cause cavities, it does not remain true anymore. Aside from it washes off easily from tooth enamel, it is a healthy sweet option.

Starchy food

types of bad food for teethBefore you look for a bag of potato chips with a good crunch, you might want to reconsider. Foods with a high starch content could do damage to your pearly whites as much as sweets. Likewise, bread and biscuits easily convert to sugar at the surface of the teeth. And with sugar available for the cavity-forming bacteria, decay and worst conditions could easily happen.

Carbonated beverage

If you would make a list of foods with numerous sugar content, soft drinks would totally be at the top. Besides, it contains harmful acids that could easily knock out the protective particles of your teeth. Prefer drinking protein shakes that have no added sugar.

Substances that can dry the mouth

Medicines and alcohol usually keep your mouth dehydrated. Although there can be no other medical options, you could ask your dentist for a fluoride gel or rinse.

Citrus fruits

Although oranges, grapefruits, and lemons are healthy snack options, it might not be the same when it comes to your teeth. Their acid-rich juices could erode the enamel. And when the enamel is destroyed, bacteria can get free access to your teeth.

Sports drinks

With their energy-filled and flavorful content, sports drinks are often great options. However, the acid from sports drinks could accumulate in your teeth as well. With its capacity to wear the enamel, dental caries could happen. You can visit Bulk Nutrients Protein Australia to discover a better source of energy without oral-damaging effects.

Coffee and tea

Aside from the tricky brown stain, these drinks trap small food particles in the tooth surface that may cause damage.


Keep Your Teeth Healthy With Safer Diet

Foods you eat not only define your health condition but can also minimize the risk for dental surgery. Consult a dietician on how to eat a healthy diet. You might want to opt for these good foods instead:

Fiber-rich options

safer options for teethLeafy vegetables and foods packed with fibers are longer to chew. Hence, it could wash off substances sticking to the teeth.

Rich in calcium content foods

Calcium does not only keep teeth strong but also prevents decay. When you eat foods abundant in calcium, you also strengthen teeth as well as bones.

Sugarless gums

Saliva does not only hydrate the mouth but also cleanse the teeth. Sugarless gums induce not only saliva production but also reduces the bacterial population.


In Conclusion

When you are keen on choosing the foods you eat, you don’t not only keep your body in a better state but your teeth as well. Eating safer options will not only help you lead a cavity-free life but also a stronger bite and more attractive smile. Hence, it’s best to think twice before putting foods in your cart.