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It may not be too noticeable but your teeth may have small cracks undetectable by regular people like us. But when you visit your dentist for a routine check-up, you may be surprised that he will tell you that you have a cracked tooth under the crown of your root canal. If you’re near in Sydney, you can go to No Gaps Dental clinics if you’re looking for a dentist in Sydney to help you treat dental problems such as a cracked tooth. How did this happen and what should you do?

Cracked tooth syndrome

This dental problem is too hard to detect because the fractures or the cracks of the teeth are minuscule that even x-ray imaging can miss. You will just be surprised that when you feel the symptoms, the culprit would be cracked tooth.

How does it happen?

A cracked tooth under the crown of a root canal may be the most common instance that can happen. Because the root-call treated tooth lacks the blood flow that healthy natural teeth still have, the crown becomes brittle and more likely to crack easily. People who also grind or clench their teeth can also develop this dental issue. Also, patients with large dental fillings in the middle of their tooth may be vulnerable to chipping and tooth fracture

How does it feel?

More often than not, you cannot easily detect cracked tooth syndrome. Why? Because the symptoms are fleeting. You may experience pain while chewing now, but later there is no pain at all. Teeth sensitivity can also be felt sometimes, but not all the time. But as the fracture continues to get bigger, the symptoms of pain and cold sensitivity becomes more apparent and consistent.

How do you get diagnosed and treated?

cracked tooth under crown root canalBecause the small cracks are difficult to detect and the symptoms are inconsistent, diagnosis can also be challenging. If you come in as a patient with toothache, the dentist will isolate the crown in question and use different tools to find out what caused the pain. He may use a handheld tool, a fiberoptic light, or a staining agent to inspect if there are cracks. Once diagnosed, treatment will follow but it will depend on the extent of the damage and which tooth is involved. A cracked tooth under the crown of a root canal and it extends to the pulp where the nerves are located, extraction is the only answer.