Teeth preservation is the main reason why we go to our chosen dental professionals. We want to maintain and improve the health and appearance of our teeth. However, there really comes a time that missing a tooth a happen. If you want to know the dental treatment options for replacing a missing tooth, you can visit http://dwdentistkellyville.com.au/cheapest-dental-implants-in-australia/.

Here are some of the best replacement options that you can choose for a missing back tooth.

Dental implants

Implants are the gold standard for tooth replacement because this is the only option that gives you a permanent fix.  It has the same logic as your true teeth in that it is surgically attached to your, making it as sturdy and retained as that of your real teeth. But with its advantages comes the downside. Dental implants are expensive, in fact, they are the most expensive dental appliance procedure there is. They also are the most invasive, since surgery is needed for this tooth replacement procedure to be done. Not everyone can also have their dental implants placed since there are strict requirements for candidates to comply with.

Dental bridge

missing back toothIf you only need a single tooth replacement procedure, you may find a dental bridge to fit your need. This is a dental appliance made up of 2 abutment teeth placed on either side of the missing tooth space, and a false tooth or crown in place of the lost tooth. This is a cheaper option than the implants and does not need surgery to complete. However, there are instances where the neighboring teeth or the teeth on either side of the lost tooth where the ‘bridge’ is attached are damaged because of the attached abutment crowns. Some also claim that it is more difficult to clean than other replacement options.

Partial dentures

This is the tried and tested replacement option we know ever since the need for the innovation about missing teeth replacement has arisen. Dentures are cheap and suitable for a patient with multiple missing teeth. However, because they are one of the oldest styles in replacing teeth, they garnered the most complaints like being fake-looking, easily removed, a bit less stable than others, and the least comfortable.

Choosing the best missing tooth replacement procedure for your missing back tooth will still depend on your budget, preference, and dental health. Consult your dentist so he can help you decide which is best for you.