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Setting up an orthodontist appointment is not that simple for there are pre-requisites. Dentists from Good Choice Dental Burwood suggest that one should first see a family dentist to address the concern. If the family dentist can treat the problem, there is no need to have a visit with an orthodontist.

But there are cases where the problem is severe and is beyond the scope of the dentist. Such cases like severe teeth misalignment will require the expertise of an orthodontist. Therefore, an appointment with this professional is highly recommended. However, there are different types of orthodontist appointment, here are those.

Records Appointment

This is the quickest orthodontist appointment which lasts approximately 20 minutes and focuses primarily on assessment. During this appointment, an impression of your upper and lower teeth will be taken and sent to the laboratory.

Diagnostic procedures such as x-ray (if not provided by the general dentist) may also be implemented. This x-ray allows the dental provider to have a visual not only on your teeth but on how it connects with your jaws and skull as well. Prior to the next appointment, the patient will be allowed to ask any questions and the orthodontist may also give information about possible risks and limitations.

Bonding and Banding

For approximately one hour, bonding will be implemented where spacers will be installed between your molars to fit bands and to be ready for the next appointment. The braces will then be glued to all the permanent teeth. After the procedure, the patient will get a customised hygiene kit and instructions on how to handle the braces with care will be given.

One week post-bonding, banding will be implemented where the spacers will be detached and the bands will be installed and cemented. To allow proper movement, bands will then be tied.

Routine Archwire Procedure

orthodontist appointmentOnce treatment process has started, the orthodontist will require the patient for a visit every four to six weeks, where each visit may last for approximately 30 minutes. This is the visit where the archwires will be adjusted and modified according to the changes of the teeth alignment. The main goal is to make sure that the final expected result will be met.

Removal of Braces

Once the treatment process has finally ended and you’ve already accomplished in having the smile you’ve always wanted, your braces can finally be removed. Aside from the braces, the cement will also be removed. Moreover, the teeth will be polished and another impression of the upper and lower teeth will be taken for installation of retainers. This procedure may take up to two hours and the retainers will be available after one week.

Checking of Retainer

As always, retainers need to be adjusted and tightened periodically once they’ve been installed to the patient’s teeth. One month after the retainer was first attached, another orthodontist appointment should be done to make sure that the wires are adjusted and tightened. Afterward, the next visit can be done after three to six months to make sure retainers are still fully functional and the patient’s desired smile is still maintained.