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Let’s face it, the cost of orthodontic treatment is quite expensive. And if you do not have dental insurance, you might end up with an empty pocket. So how are you going to save money through your dental insurance? There is very little orthodontic insurance for adults. However, looking for dental insurance covering orthodontics is not that easy. Often, dental insurance plans only cover orthodontic treatment for kids. You can check at https://mylocaldentists.com.au if they have any available treatments for adults that work on your budget.

Employer-Sponsored Dental Insurance

dentist explaning dental insurance coverageHealth insurance is usually one of the benefits of employees. If you are lucky enough to find a company that offers dental insurance, then good for you. However, not all dental plans have orthodontic treatment coverage. You can discuss this with your employer if they are willing to make adjustments. Some employers are flexible enough to consider their employee’s requests.

Suppose you have existing insurance with your current employer, and you suddenly need to have orthodontic treatment. In that case, you can check with the human resources department about the coverage of your dental insurance plan.

Personal Dental Insurance Plans

There was once a time when providers only offered dental insurance in companies. But as years go by, many dental insurance companies are starting to show individual dental plans. And if you are enrolled in a health plan through the Affordable Care Act, you may also qualify for a dental procedure. But note that most of these insurance policies do not have orthodontic coverage.

One of the examples of individual dental plans is DeltaCare USA PAA48, and the good news is that it covers orthodontic dental services. The reduction and discounted payments will only be applicable if the insurance company accredits your dentist. In addition, deductibles or forms for claims are not needed. Just be sure to read your policy carefully.

Discount Plans

Discount plans are different from dental insurance plans. They are also known as dental savings plans that allow you to avail dental services, including orthodontic care, at a discounted price. Because of the significant discounts offered by dentists, dental savings plans are starting to become prevalent. This is mainly because most of these programs provide orthodontic dental coverage for adults.

Why do people opt for discount plans? A discount plan is an excellent option if you have medical insurance that does not cover dental treatments. People choose to avail this program instead of applying for another insurance plan with limited coverage.

Flexible Spending Account

FSA is valid mainly for dental treatments that prevent dental disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss. It is primarily used for teeth cleaning, sealants and fillings, tooth extraction, dentures, crowns, and many more. But what most people don’t realize is that they can also use it for eligible orthodontic treatment or braces. Your FSA will cover the amount not covered by your dental insurance.

Searching for Orthodontic Insurance For Adults

It’s important to consider all factors in choosing a dental insurance plan. Before deciding which one to get, be sure to compare all the benefits and all options laid down. It would be best to think about waiting periods, overall coverage, coverage for orthodontic treatment, lifetime benefits, maximum coverage, discounts, and annual cost.

Furthermore, do not forget that most dental insurance plans require a network dentist or orthodontist. Make sure that your area has a dental clinic accredited by the program you will get. For your reference, here are some of the best dental insurance that covers braces and other orthodontic procedures:

Delta Dental

Delta Dental offers various dental insurance plans with comprehensive dental care coverage that meets each individual’s needs. There is a variety of choices for orthodontic coverage at affordable prices. However, Delta Dental also offers extremely comprehensive coverage at higher costs.


  • Options for traditional dental insurance and discount plans
  • Does not require a referral for orthodontic coverage
  • Some programs do not have waiting periods
  • Works within your budget


  • Some plans do not cover traditional braces
  • Most of the best prices are limited to orthodontics only
  • The coverage varies according to which state you are in

Furthermore, one of the many things that set Delta Dental apart from its competitors is its size. It is the largest dental insurance company and is twice the size of the second-largest insurance company. The coverage for braces may vary. But dental care services such as x-ray, orthodontic treatment, retainers, and planning are all included. Nevertheless, it’s best to always talk with your dentist about the pocket costs, dental discount, waiting period, as well as the total cost of the treatment.


Cigna is also one of the biggest health and dental insurance providers in the country. In fact, this insurance provider got an A rating from AM Best.

orthodontic treatment insurance for adultsIt has three different dental plans to choose from, but only its highest level dental plan covers braces, the Cigna Dental 1500. Moreover, it offers a 50% discount on the total treatment costs. Yet, the $50 deductible for orthodontic services coverage of a 12-month waiting period is one of the least reviewed.


  • Orthodontic treatments are covered right after the lifetime deductible
  • Referrals are not necessary
  • Plenty of discounts for in-network dentists


  • Orthodontics is not covered in most affordable policies
  • The maximum lifetime coverage for braces is $1000
  • The plans that cover braces are the most expensive ones

USAA (United Services Automobile Association)

Moving on, USAA has a solid reputation for providing services to the military, veterans, and their families. One of its great benefits is that it offers a lifetime maximum of $2000 for orthodontics.


  • Unquestionable reputation
  • High-quality dental policies in partnership with Cigna
  • $2000 lifetime maximum for each member


  • USAA does not directly issue the policy
  • $200 deductible
  • Not for families without military members






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