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Orthodontic treatment is given to those patients who suffer from a gap in teeth or overbite. I know the worst part is, you cannot even smile with your heart out. Cosmetic orthodontics is a branch in dentistry which deals in correcting smiles, I mean correcting misalignment of teeth. It gets your bite impression which is used in cosmetic & sometimes for hygienic purposes. However, it is not true that this treatment is only for children. It is applicable for any age group. The only condition is teeth, bones & gums must be healthy.

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Choose Orthodontics for Better Smile

OrthodonticsTeeth movement is completely rested upon the manipulation of the current teeth structure. This kind of movement is done multiple times during the entire course of treatment. This method is slow but definitely shows a significant progress. The complete treatment takes up a time period of few- months to several years. It completely depends upon the present state of teeth, gum, and age of the patient. Before the commencement of any treatment, you should first consult with your dentist. During consultation doctor will examine your oral health. It will include a discussion on the dental history & general medical history. X-ray of your teeth, photographs & impressions of your bite/teeth will be taken for inspection.

There are various advantages to cosmetic orthodontics. However, few are purely aesthetic in nature. Misaligned teeth can be cured leaving behind a confident man & confident smile. However, other than aesthetic reasons, it is good for oral health & hygiene. Due to overcrowded mouth & gaps, it becomes difficult to maintain the hygiene. After this treatment, teeth become more manageable and hence cleaning becomes easier so fewer chances for gum diseases.

Another significant benefit is that it corrects protruding teeth. Therefore, it reduces the possibility of injury during the regular activities. After the treatment the facial profile becomes good and hence it puts less stress on the jaw joints. It also reduces wear & tear of the teeth. If you have got other oral treatments planned then it is a good option to do this treatment first so that all the other treatments will go smoothly. After treatment speaking & eating becomes easier.