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As you go through dental school, you will expect to undergo classroom training and of course have exposure as well as clinical exposure. This article will focus on how dental school clinics can affect the skills and knowledge a young dental student would attain in school. Dental professors near Sirius Health Center have shared the information.

What to expect in dental school clinics 

The first year of dental school. For year one in dental school, you will be having a majority of classroom work. You will be learning about the theories and textbook knowledge that you need before you will be ready to do any practical applications of what you have learned.

The closest thing to a dental school clinic you will be experiencing would be doing lab work. However, the treatment of actual patients will not likely be happening during the first year of school. You will be practicing your newly acquired skills on plastic teeth. You will do fillings and drill the plastic teeth. Some dental schools will also allow first-year students to practice cleaning each other’s teeth. At the end of your first year, you will undergo clinical examinations to test what you have learned during your freshman year of dentistry.

The second year of dental school. In your sophomore year, although you will still be spending a lot of time in the classroom, your pre-clinical laboratory work is likely to increase as well. Some dental schools will allow you to perform oral exams and give injections and cancer screenings to real patients, but then other schools will let you wait until your junior year before you get to deal with real patients.

The third year of dental school. In your third year, you will finally be able to have a taste of real dental work on real patients. You will still have to attend some classes in the classroom setting, but then clinical work will become a bigger and more prominent part of your day. The procedures that you will be allowed to perform on the patients will coincide with the lessons that you have learned up to that point.

The fourth year of dental school. This will be your final year in dental school. It would be the final year before you will need to take the exam and go off into the real world. You will still expect to have classroom lessons, but then most of your day will be spent in the dental school clinic. You will be given the chance to deal with patients from your previous school year, and also administer more complex treatments.

dental school clinics

When dental school will almost be over…

You will most likely be feeling overwhelmed at this point when your education will be almost at the close. If you paid attention to every step of the way, your stay in a dental school clinic will have been worth it. It is said that people would be able to learn better by practical application. This is why a dental school clinic would be an essential part of any dentistry school.