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Braces are put in place to correct crooked teeth. However, people who are wearing braces find it is more difficult to clean their teeth because of the braces. For this problem, they have developed dental floss for braces.

Toothbrush and dental floss for braces

Brush regularly. It is important to brush all the surfaces of your teeth. Be gentle on the parts of the teeth that are holding the brackets. Make sure to also brush the back parts of the teeth to get the particles that might have been lodged in those places as well. It is ideal for you to brush every after a meal. But in times when that is not possible, rinsing your mouth out with water would be the next best thing.

Super floss. Super floss is another option that people with braces can use. It would allow you to get underneath the brackets easily and floss the hard-to-reach spaces between teeth.

Use a sonic toothbrush. This is a special type of toothbrush that attracts plaque onto it from the surface of teeth. If you wear braces, you can use this type of toothbrush along with a specialized floss would be an extremely effective method to get rid of all unwanted particles and plaque build-up on teeth.

Use a fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride is one of the ingredients in toothpaste that is very effective in preventing tooth decay. The use of a toothpaste that has this active ingredient will prevent tooth decay from taking effect on your teeth.

Use a water flosser. Water flossers would be easier for people with braces to use rather than conventional floss. Experts say that a water flosser is twice more dental floss for braces with watereffective than regular floss in the prevention of gingival diseases for people wearing braces.

Risks that people with braces face

People who wear braces have an increased risk of oral diseases. The brackets and wires on their teeth make it a little more complicated to clean the teeth normally. If small particles would be neglected to stay on teeth, it would put their teeth and gums at risk for oral diseases like gingivitis.

People with braces have to work harder at taking care of their teeth. Brushing and flossing would be the key to making sure that tooth and gum diseases can be prevented, but that feat is more difficult for people with braces because of the brackets on their teeth. If you are wearing braces and are having trouble flossing, ask your dentist for advice. You have the option also of buying dental floss for braces. If you are confused about how to use these, your dentist can be able to teach you how.

You can have good oral hygiene, even when you are wearing braces. It might be a little more labor-extensive, but it is not impossible. Visit your dentist’s office today, and your dentist will advise you on the best tools you can use to maintain your oral health.