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Sleeping with your dentures in your mouth has serious health effects thus it’s not recommended. Dentures are meant to be worn during the day, not when you are asleep. You can click here to learn more about how to use your dentures in your daily routine.


Why should you avoid sleeping with dentures

•Research shows that dentures can act as bacteria breeding sites when worn during the night through breathing and this can as well breed the pneumonia-causing bacteria which is easily moved from the mouth down to the lungs.

Stomatitis is another dangerous condition associated with wearing dentures while asleep especially the upper dentures. Stomatitis has the signs of an inflamed palate which appears red because it has been attacked and infected by yeast which accumulates in the dentures.

Angular cheilitis is a condition where the corners of the mouth which are cracked get attacked by the yeast in dentures. Thus causing you more problems than what you expected the dentures to help you reduce.

Increased level of interleukin 6 is noticed in people wearing their dentures 24/7, which shows that your body is always fighting against infections.

•Wearing dentures consecutively without removing them leads to acceleration of loss bone in the jaws thus making the dentures not to fit comfortably in their place.

•Sleeping with dentures can lead to bad smell of the mouth because dentures attract fungi and also bacteria to the mouth thus acting as their breeding grounds.


How to properly use your dentures

•Ensure that after eating you remove and rinse the dentures well.

aboid sleeping with dentures and always brush them before storage them

•Use a soft brush to brush your dentures at least once per day using a denture cleanser or an antibacterial soap. Avoid using toothpaste to brush your dentures.

•After removing the dentures store them in water.

•Ensure that you brush your tongue and gums daily.

•Make sure you rinse your dentures before returning them back to your mouth.


Wearing your dentures all the time will deprive your good oral hygiene, ensure that you remove them especially when you are sleeping to reduce the health associated problems which may at a point lead to death or very serious bad conditions.