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Also known as gum diseases, periodontal diseases are known to affect a high portion of the population. Periodontal disease is an infection that affects the tissues of the gums which support the teeth. Gums end up not being firmly attached to the teeth. Visit after-hours medical care if you happen to have an oral infection.

Unfortunately, many people do not know or understand how serious this problem could be to their health. This article summarizes the top 3 risk factors for periodontal diseases.


Statistically, smokers are known to be 3 to 4 times at risk to gum diseases as compared to those who do not smoke. Smoking causes discoloration of the teeth as well as bad breath and loss of bone density to the jaw which is likely to lead to gum disease and even worse still-oral cancers.

Systemic Diseases and Stress

Some types of systemic diseases including diabetes are known to put patients at an increased risk of developing gum diseases. As much as there may be no treatment or cure for systemic diseases, it is critical to take care and pay more attention so as to avoid the development of other health problems such as gum diseases. On the same note, studies have shown that stress is one of the key contributors to periodontal diseases as negative attitudes in life events are commonly associated with the same.

risk factors for periodontal diseaseOral Habits and Diet

Unhealthy diet, as well as poor feeding habits, are also known to increase the chances of developing gum illnesses. Therefore, a good diet is essential for the development of better immune systems in the body and calcium and a key component in the teeth development and bones.

In conclusion, many systemic risk factors such as smoking, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, are commonly known to affect most of the patients who have periodontal disease. Additionally, it is important to note that periodontal illnesses are the key causes for teeth loss in life after the age of 35 which makes it be one of the challenges that affect the overall health of an individual in many different ways.