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pregnancy dry mouthDry mouth during pregnancy has been seen to be a common oral disorder that can occur when a woman does not have balanced hormones during pregnancy. This dry mouth can also affect the throat of a woman. The dry mouth is very common among the pregnant women but it disappears when the woman delivers.

With the dry mouth, women are prone to have inadequate saliva, which can also lead to some oral problems such as increased caries risk, tooth sensitivity, and gum infections. If you try to reduce or heal the dry mouth issued to will be able to prevent you from having the above mouth problems.

Some of the ways on how you can deal with a dry mouth during pregnancy are as shown below.

1. Drinking a lot of water

Doctors usually advise any women who are pregnant to try to drink a lot of water. This is because water is needed in the fetus development and formation of the amniotic fluid. Drinking water decreases the burning throat and the feeling of the dry mouth.

2. Use a humidifier at night

If you notice that you are having a dry mouth, it’s good that you use a humidifier, especially at night. This will assist in reducing the discomfort that may be caused by dry throat and mouth so that you are able to sleep well.

3. Proper sleeping posture

Proper sleeping is very vital, especially for pregnant women. This’s because when one is pregnant she has to experience so many changes especially in the blood flow which can cause breathing difficulties and nasal congestion. This combined with weight gain can make a woman to have breathing difficulties. Since this can increase the dry mouth, it’s good that a woman tries to sleep with a pillow so that the upper body is elevated in a proper manner. With this, the blood with being able to flow properly when a woman is sleeping at night, therefore, minimizing the ideas of dry mouth.

Avoiding some products

It’s good that when a woman is pregnant she tries to avoid taking some products such as alcohol and mouthwashes. This is because these products do irritate the membranes the secrete mucus in the throat and the mouth, therefore, making a woman have more dryness in the mouth.

If you follow the above guidelines especially when you are pregnant you will be able to relieve the idea of your mouth being dry.