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The process whereby a dental practitioner describes and lists the health of a person’s gums and teeth is what is referred to as periodontal charting. Six measurements are usually taken by your dental healthcare professional around each tooth. It’s a graphic method of organizing an individual’s dental health information. The charting is generally done at the time a person goes for dental checkups.

It’s always important to take in advice provided by your dental healthcare professional in different ways to help maintain the health of your gums and teeth after every dental appointment. You also need to ensure to always go for regular charting and checkups.

Reasons for dental charting

Your dental healthcare provider creates your mouth’s dental chart since is an excellent way to place some of the vital information about the general health of your teeth in an organized manner. This information has typically all that is required in accessing your dental health in a simple format and one place. This information is updated on a regular basis when you attend checkups to keep track of the progress of your dental health.

Benefits of dental charting

There exist a lot of benefits when keeping your gums and teeth dental chart.

Benefits to an individual

Helps your dental healthcare provider to maintain a good record of your dental health issues

This will enable your dental care provider to provide you with the best possible care.

Benefits for the dental healthcare providers

Periodontal charts will stand to be a point of reference for the dental care provider and you to see if there is any progress in the general health of your gums and teeth. They will provide you with better home care tips to help you make a vast improvement.

Charts will help keep an easy to read, interpret and organized a record of the general condition of your gums and teeth.

These charts can be used as a future reference tool in the subsequent visits to help in comparing the pocket depths of your gums.