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Yellow teeth are one of the most common dental concerns of many people. To prevent this, it is necessary to stay away from its main causes including soda, smoking and drinking coffee. Some people have naturally yellow teeth. These people do not have a tooth problem. In https://www.randwicksmiles.com.au/yellow-teeth-causes-and-effects/ you can read more about the causes.

In normal teeth, the outer layer is white. But the bottom layer usually a yellow colour. Certain people have dentin that is insufficiently mineralized. There is a more transparent secondary layer than this. The yellow colour visible in the affected people is actually increasing colour ivory. It is not possible to treat this type of yellow colour of the teeth using standard whitening procedures.

People with colourful yellow teeth. This is due to the layer called ivory, which is actually layered below the outer part of enamel. There is a layer of ivory in the tooth that is covered with an enamel layer which is formed on the far side of the tooth. The enamel teeth give its white appearance. However, in some people, this enamel is thin and transparent, giving teeth a weird appearance where ivory is yellow. That is why yellow teeth are naturally occurring. This layer is sometimes yellowish and it is one of the important causes of yellow teeth. In this case, the tooth enamel is really insufficient and ivory becomes clear.

Aging is another natural reason for tooth yellowing. if you have naturally yellow teeth go for a tooth whitening treatmentAlthough you have maintained good dental hygiene, your teeth will gradually store the blurred factors, which will turn yellow. Over time, the external enamel layer of teeth becomes thin, with ivory more visible. As soon as you age, your teeth will not appear white as if you were a small child with milk teeth. Even old age leads to the collapse of enamel teeth, which enhances the change in the colour of teeth.

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