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You should indeed be worried if you are an adult and have loose molar teeth. They realize that this is not a normal situation and indicates a big problem. Cosmetic dentists and family dentists would be able to help the situation if anything else can be done about this loose molar tooth.

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Has the tooth been loosened by a sports or other injury? Then there may be a good chance that your dentist can replant it in good condition. Call the office immediately to find out what steps are necessary to save the tooth and transport it safely and quickly.

Sports injuries are a major cause of worn out teeth, so helmets, face masks, and face masks should be standard equipment. If a store-bought mouthguard is not comfortable, it can be purchased from your dentist.

When the tooth was loosened due to periodontitis, the supporting bone, which held the tooth in place, began to erode, the periodontal ligament attaching the bone to the teeth was progressively lost, and the gums were removed.

Periodontal ligaments are thousands of tiny rubber bands around the tooth roots, which are strung like little feathers on a trampoline. They allow the teeth to bounce in their cavities without breaking.

molar teethThe most common trauma that leads to having a loose tooth is the clenching of teeth while we sleep with teeth that are tightly closed for many hours. Some symptoms of this squeeze include jaw and face fractures and muscles, tiny fracture lines in tooth surfaces, and sensitivity to cold temperatures.

Other factors that lead to relaxation are the lack of a good daily oral hygiene program, no healthy balanced diet, the absence of regular teeth cleaning, an underlying gum or abscess infection, bite alignment problems, grinding or clenching of the teeth, smoking, and diabetes.

Extraction is necessary if gum disease has so badly damaged a tooth that there is no other way to prevent the infection from spreading and damaging near teeth and bones and causing more tooth loss.

The treatment of gum disease must be treated first. Then suitable methods can be considered. Which includes:

  • Teeth splitting by putting teeth together like pickets in a fence so that each bite force is distributed among groups of teeth rather than just the loosened tooth,
  • Removable guards that can be used in times of tension and stress as well as for clenching and grinding teeth and protect your teeth and muscles