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Laser technology in dentistry has changed the oral healthcare scene since the 1960s. Since then, there are many forms of laser technologies that came and went to improve dental healthcare further. The modern practice also promotes knowledge outside the USA for dental services with better services. Previous and new dental patients can check out the laser treatments of this dental clinic in Pyrmont, Australia. But, you don’t need to look for experts abroad since there are available procedures near you. Don’t neglect the benefits of a laser gum treatment that your general dentist can offer. If you really want to take care of your teeth and gums seriously, schedule a visit at a local dental clinic soon. 


Why Should You Treat Gum Diseases?

Bacteria is an old enemy of a person’s body. It can start from the food we eat, down to how we live every day. For this reason, it is crucial not to neglect dental hygiene routines that may cause cavities or gingivitis. Furthermore, the harmful effects of gum disease can slowly increase missing teeth in your mouth. If you are experiencing signs of tooth decay, it may be best to ask a periodontist to check your gums further. A dental specialist has better training if a patient qualifies for laser gum treatment. Severe complications deep in the gum line and nerve tissues may require techniques like pinhole surgery or gum grafting to save their oral health.  


Symptoms Of Gum Disease

If you’re visiting a dental specialist for the first time, you may need to ask your family about their medical or dental records. According to research, the history of gum problems may repeat through genetic makeup. Endodontic therapy can be an alternative method to minimally invade your gum.

  • Tooth decay
  • Cavities that chip or crack teeth
  • Gum bleeding
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Loose tooth
  • Swelling or redness on the infected area
  • Bad breath or halitosis
  • Gum clenching
  • Difficulty eating or moving the jaw


Benefits Of Laser Gum Treatment

Laser Gum Treatment

The most common cause of periodontal diseases is smoking, hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies or crooked teeth. Orthodontics, restorative dentistry, periodontics, and prosthodontics are some of the early dental care treatments. One popular technique used for cosmetic and restorative dentistry is laser – assisted new attachment procedure or LANAP. This laser technology is FDA approved and better than traditional dentistry to improve your smile. 


Prevents Total Gum Recession

Gum recession starts when the gum tissue starts feelings of irritation from bacteria’s spread on the tooth’s root. If a person doesn’t manage their teeth well, they may expect their gums as soon as they hit 40. But, severe periodontal diseases like periodontitis or advanced gingivitis can start during childhood to teens. Gingivectomy is probably one of the best dental care solutions to prevent gum disease like a recession. 


Keeps Your Tooth In Tact

Fixing your gums doesn’t only improve the soft and hard tissues in your mouth. The tooth which is directly attached to your jawbone will be sturdier. The sturdiness indicates a healthy sign that your tooth survived decay or tooth loss. Regular visits at a general dentist prevent the chance of gingivitis or periodontitis from coming back.  


Provides Healthier Bone, Ligaments, Nerves And Tissues

Did you know that bacteria spread in a person’s blood vessels? Once bacteria enter a person’s blood, expect to follow urgent care. It is dangerous to leave fractures on bones and not to treat severe toothaches. Infection can lead to cracked, chipped, or broken teeth. Moreover, nerve irritation, jaw problems, and even damaged soft tissues may have other health complications.


Saves Money For The Next Dental Treatment

Although LANAP and other similar laser dentistry techniques can cost a fortune, it can last longer than surgery. The laser eliminates the possibility of diseased or necrotic teeth for treating painful gum disease. Yet, don’t forget to rest and follow your dentist’s instructions to see the best results. 


Recovery Period Is Shorter Than Surgery

Surgical procedures can take hours, and local anesthesia may be needed. But, lasers change the way dentists provide dental treatments. Laser only focuses on the natural body opening without using cutting techniques or surgical procedures. Since there is less bleeding and swelling during laser treatments, gum can heal faster than surgical procedures. 


Removes Cavities And Tooth Decay

You can expect a prior in-depth cleaning process called root planing and tooth scaling along the process of rejuvenating your gums. This periodontal gum procedure aims to remove hardened tartar and calculus further than regular teeth cleaning may do. It also smoothens out the surface of the tooth for a better esthetic appearance. You may expect your general dentist to refer you to a hygienist or an endodontist before having a periodontal or gum treatment.


Less Invasive And Controllable

Laser Gum Treatment Dental Care

Since certified dentists can only use lasers in dental care, patients can expect accuracy when controlling this device. Thus, it eliminates the possibility of risks, regression, or complications after gum treatment. It also cuts the soreness, inflammation, and redness that are usual side – effects that a patient experiences during gum surgery. 


How Much Does Laser Gum Treatment Cost?

As of 2020, laser gum treatments in the US cost $2,000-$8,000 depending on the level of gum disease a patient has. Moreover, certain factors like discounts, demand for cosmetic dentistry, and if the dentist is using LANAP.

Health insurance coverage may be available for laser gum treatment. However, ensure that you need this technique for medical purposes. Any cosmetic reconfiguration of gingival problems such as gummy smiles may not give credit for your dental insurance. So, coordinate with your health insurance company about a dental clinic specializing in laser gum treatments and similar procedures.