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Third molars or wisdom teeth are the final teeth to develop. They generally grow at the age between 17 – 25 years. This phase of life is referred to as the “Age of Wisdom,” and therefore the tooth that develops at this age is called a wisdom tooth. Well, in a few cases, there isn’t any problem in the development of the wisdom teeth; however, sometimes it gets ‘impacted.’ When a tooth is not able to completely get into the mouth, it`s concluded to be impacted. The impacted teeth molar find it challenging to break through the gums because of lack of space. The impacted third molar should be extracted by visiting an appropriate dental surgeon.

What complications does an impacted wisdom tooth cause?

affect KidneyIf the impacted third molar is not extracted, it may cause a lot of problems: it may cause damage to the neighboring teeth or cause infection in the teeth and gums. As the third molar area of the mouth is not easy to clean, the city becomes a breeding ground for bacteria finally resulting in gum disease. Also, there are chances for bacteria inside the mouth to travel through the bloodstream and lead to various other systemic infections that affect the kidneys, heart, and other major organs.

It has been proved that once periodontal disease finds its way in the third molar area, the problem is ongoing and progressive; however, the condition will improve by extraction of the teeth concerned.

There are cases wherein a fluid-filled cyst or a tumor may develop around the base of the impacted and untreated third molars. Once the cyst starts growing, it will result in much more severe problems as it may hollow out the jaw and damage the nearby teeth, nerves, and other parts.

Therefore, the impacted tooth should be removed to prevent significant health complications.

On the whole, dental and other medical health professionals do agree that the impacted third molar should be removed if the following are noticed:

Damage caused to the neighboring teeth
Presence of cavities that cannot be restored
Other periodontal diseases
Presence of cysts or tumors

To get the wisdom teeth extracted appropriately, it`s important to find a good dental surgeon who can handle the task professionally and with expertise.