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Mouth breathing can result in a sore throat or a dry mouth. Also, it’s a habit many people find unattractive. This issue of breathing via your mouth can be caused by various factors such as nasal passages blockage, development from bad habit among others. However, there are ways how to deal with breathing problems.

Below are tips on how to stop mouth breathing.

  • Practice

Keep on practicing breathing in via your nose as well as breathing out using your mouth. You may have stopped breathing appropriately not because you’ve lacked knowledge of breathing skills. It’s highly likely what you need is being aware and practicing.

  • Nose Blockage Clearing

This may seem so obvious; however, many people usually breathe through their mouth due to the nasal blockage. You can get rid of this by use of nasal wash or nose blow to clear all obstructions on nasal passage.

  • Reducing Stress

When you’re stressed, you rush breathing. This may likely force you to use mouth to breathe deep when you’re in a stressful situation. Whether you may opt to meet a doctor or to change the environment, stress reduction can play big in improving your breathing.

  • Use Appropriate Pillows

If you probably mouth breath during your sleep, changing your head height by use of an extra or bigger pillow can help you stop mouth breathing.

  • How To Stop Mouth BreathingGive The Couch A Break

Start doing exercising with either a daily run or walk regimen. This will increase the need for deep breaths and naturally mouth breath will be taken away by the nose.

  • See a Therapist

The therapist who will help you to get rid of mouth breathing is the myofunctional therapist.  The therapist will help you to do exercises that will help your face muscles operate in a manner that will improve your way of breathing.

  • Surgery

If the tips above don’t work at all, your nose construction may be an issue. Get in touch with your doctor and discuss the surgeries that may be available for you. This may help you stop mouth breathing.

In most circumstances, mouth breathing isn’t a permanent problem. Putting the above tips in place will help you stop mouth breathing. These ideas have been put in place and worked best for many people experiencing mouth breathing issue.