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Talking on how to reduce swelling after wisdom teeth surgery may seem more of a reality to someone who has ever gone through this. Swelling of the teeth can easily lead to pain hence the need to control swelling and make sure the surgery recovery time is made smooth. This has been the fear everyone expresses when they are told about the wisdom teeth surgery, but the condition and the pain can be controlled.

The healing process of the surgery isn’t instant and may last up to a period of up to two weeks when handled perfectly. Immediately after the surgery is done, the healing process can be enhanced by making sure you have some time to relax.

The procedure that may last for two or fewer hours is seen as one of the most involving oral care, especially in adults. As the wisdom teeth continue to grow, the roots even grow deeper, and this may cause the swelling when they are removed.

How to control the swelling after surgery

  • Reduced hard work

Don’t expose your body too hard duties that may affect the healing process of the wisdom teeth. The swelling may not take long but must be put under control always

  • The use of ice cube

The low temperature of ice cubes makes it possible to control the swelling after a successful wisdom teeth surgery. You can have the ice cubes covered with and then place them around the jaw where the surgery has been done.

  • how to reduce swelling after wisdom teeth surgeryUse of medication

You must remain committed to the use of medication that is provided by the dentist as this may help reduce the swelling.

  • High level of hygiene

Any surgery done on the wisdom teeth requires a high level of hygiene as the space left can be very delicate. Any bacterial infection may cause swelling hence the need to use the right cleaning procedure to make sure the space is always clean.

Don’t expose the area where the teeth were removed for some hours but instead give it time to cool down. Start by brushing gently on the areas that are next to the surgery part. Boost the healing process by rising your mouth with antibacterial mouthwash and salty water to keep you safe from bacteria.