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Whether your smile isn’t the whitest and brightest or if you’ve not liked your smile since your permanent teeth came in, your dentist can fix whatever cosmetic issues you have and give you a smile you’ve been dreaming of! If you have a little bit of a crooked tooth or spacing issues that you want to have fixed, a gap or any other cosmetic concerns, all you need to do is book an appointment and visit your dentist, and together you can determine on how to fix crooked teeth. Crooked Teeth

While you’re scheduling an initial exam, you should also request to have an oral health checkup. Your dentist may want to address any potential concerns so that your teeth are in good condition. Then you can also discuss options for your smile makeover. You may decide you would like porcelain veneers. These will give you the brightest of white smiles and perfectly shaped and even teeth. Veneers can correct a number of issues like aesthetic flaws: misshapen teeth or crooked teeth, too far spaced teeth, crowded teeth, and stained teeth.

If you’re just concerned with restoring your teeth to a bright white color, then ask your dentist what sort of whitening treatment is available in his or her office. Some dentist offices provide a one-time visit that lasts about an hour to have your teeth whitened. Other offices may have a treatment that allows you to arrange several visits from start to finish. If you find you have a busy schedule, ask your dentist for recommendations for at-home treatments provided by their office or perhaps an effective over the counter product.

It’s true, nothing else will give you a strong, healthy smile like regular brushing, thorough flossing, and regular exams to check your teeth and gums. Doing so can be important for the prevention of or identification of potential tooth loss and decay or gum disease. You know that a healthy smile boosts your confidence with picture perfect pearly whites!