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Orthodontic treatment in kids is referred to as interceptive orthodontics, and it usually begins at 6 to 7 years. Just because at this age the jaw is still growing and the teeth of kids are still developing. This makes it possible to change conditions like crowding of teeth. However, flossing with braces doesn’t apply to all orthodontic problems. However, it may assist in several cases. Recently kids have improved a lot; technology has made it more attractive and comfortable than the braces that were worn by some parents.

Flossing with braces is vital to your kids because the wires in pairs prevent traditionally flossing. Orthodontic is an essential way of marinating healthy smile, which requires great commitment from guardians and parents to ensure that teeth stay healthy when been straightened.

Here are tricks for easier flossing with braces.

Use The Right Tool

Applying floss on teeth with braces is frustrating and confusing, oscillating the floss between teeth and wires become hard. It’s like threading a needle. However, floss threader is a disposable and cheap tool available in any store that deals with toothpaste and toothbrush. Moreover, it’s necessary when flossing teeth with braces since it helps to pull the floss on the teeth above the wire and thus reaching on the gumline.

Assist Younger Children To Floss

As parent or guardian don’t expect your kid to floss the braces successfully. You are likely needed to assist your kid to floss. This is done by having your kid sit on the well-lit area or to have her or him kneeling because it can take a long time. However, if your kid isn’t suitable at kneeling or standing let the kid sit where he or she can listen to music or watch the favorite show while flossing with braces.

Use Waxed Floss

Using non-waxed floss is expected to catch on braces and left behind shreds of floss. Moreover, when flossing with braces, it’s advisable you apply waxed floss threader, that will slip in between without catching. Ensure you slide the floss up into gumline of teeth then remove the threader and floss then go to the next tooth.

In summary dental care is crucial to all kids, with braces because it’s vital to shape and give the appearance. Parents and guardian should ensure proper dental care.