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What is the dental implant process timeline? Are you looking to get dental implants and want to know more about the process, this article will talk about the process of getting dental implants, and other details about this type of procedure. Check out Leichhardt Market Dental’s implant services if you’re interested in this tooth replacement option.

What is dental implant surgery?

Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth. They are a better option in comparison to other types of tooth replacement procedures. They will assume the function of a natural tooth, and once the implant is successfully put in, there will be little else that a patient needs to do as maintenance for their dental implant. As long as proper care is given to the implant, there will be no need to replace the dental implant.

The dental implant process timeline

There are five significant steps that a patient will undergo when they have a dental implant put to replace a missing tooth. Here is a rundown of the process of getting a dental implant.

Initial consultation

The first step in the process is the initial consultation. At this point, the patient visits their dentist for the first time regarding the issue of their missing teeth. Here is where the dentist will examine the patient and see whether dental implant surgery is the right procedure.


dental implant process timeline

After the initial consultation, the patient will already know if they will be eligible for dental implants. During the evaluation, the dentist will assess the patient’s need, what type of dental implants are to be used in the procedure, and they will also advise the patient about the potential risks and benefits of the surgery.

Dental implant surgery

The dental implant surgery itself will only take around one to two hours at the most, from start to finish. The process will involve surgically opening the gums, drilling a hole in the jawbone, and then putting the implant into the jawbone. After this, the wound will be closed up, and the patient will be advised on the proper protocol to follow for the recovery process.

Recovery period

The recovery period from a dental implant surgery will last for around six months. During this time, a patient has to take care of the implant site to make sure that it does not develop any infections.


After the recovery is complete, the patient will have to return to the dentist to have the attachment put on top of the dental implant. This will complete the look of the implant. After the attachment is put on, nobody will be the wiser that the implanted tooth is not natural. It will look and function like a regular tooth, and as long as no complications will arise, it will provide the necessary pressure that is needed to strengthen the jawbone. This pressure will be achieved when a person bites down on food using the implanted tooth, and this pressure will prevent more tooth loss from happening in the future.