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Dental implant is a surgical procedure which involves the replacement of a tooth’s root with a screw-like metal. The procedure is a great alternative for dentures and bridge works which aren’t fitting well. Dental implant procedures have increased in the last couple of years and just like any surgery, a dental implant could result in complications. To know more about the Dental Implants Procedure and cost visit your nearest dentist.

Some of the common dental implant complications include:

  • Bacterial Infection: Infections can increase chances of implant failure. It is therefore important for the patient to have a good oral hygiene after the dental implant surgery. A clean mouth helps to reduce risks of infection and improves the healing process.
  • Nerve Damage: This usually results after the inferior-alveolar nerve is damaged accidentally during surgery. Patients may experience tingling, lingering pain or numbness in teeth, lips, chin or gums for an undetermined amount of time. If the nerve damage is a minor injury, patients will quickly recover within a short period of time.
  • Sinus Complications: if a dental implant is placed on the upper jaw and it protrudes into a sinus cavity, it may result into sinus problems. To avoid such dental implant complications, the surgical procedure has to be carefully planned and be precise for correct execution.
  • Integration Failure: A dental implant may fail to integrate as a result of other medical conditions such as osteoporosis, diabetes, etc. Improper oral hygiene, chain-smoking, and alcoholism could also be contributing factors for integration failure.
  • Implant Fracture: Fractures usually happen when the implants are too thin or too short.
  • Gingival recession: This is an inflammatory disease that affects the gums. Gingival recession is often caused by improper oral hygiene after the implant surgery.
  • Injury or damage of the surrounding structures including the adjacent teeth and blood vessels.

Note that the way a dental implant procedure is performed heavily depends on the type of the implant to be used and condition of the patient’s jawbone.