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There are many ways of orthodontic treatment, braces or Invisalign are few of the different methods used by dentists in straightening of patient’s teeth. We often ask our dentist, is Invisalign less painful than traditional braces? Well, teeth are straightened to improve their look, promote proper function and for the appropriate position of the teeth. Braces utilize metal wires with the sole purpose of getting the ideal position or movement for the teeth while Invisalign mostly makes use of plastic trays for proper teeth positioning. Orthodontic dental treatments involving Invisalign or braces functions more than straightening the teeth, they are also useful in the correction of issues related to bite that may need diagnosis and treatment.

Invisalign application is more suitable for treatment of tooth movements that are not very severe. The process involves computer-generated trays usually worn 24 hours a day and changes out in every two weeks. Some of these trays last up to six months to one year, but it requires a high degree of retention so that the teeth continue to stick to without shifting back. A significant feature of the Invisalign is its relatively invisible nature, which earned it the name Invisalign.

In the same vein, dental braces comprise brackets that run along a wire. Trained dental professionals or an orthodontist is responsible for the affixation of braces onto the teeth of their patients. This process enables light adjustment or movements that help in the proper alignment and straightening of the teeth. It can easily correct severe issues in teeth alignment. The dental braces are esthetically functional and pleasing when properly aligned. These features are quite helpful in correcting crooked teeth and closing gaps.

Dental braces versus Invisalign are a comparison of the two orthodontic treatment methods that help patients to choose the way most appropriate for their situation. However, there are many reasons people prefer braces over Invisalign. Dental braces are composed of resin brackets or colored metals; the pairs are attached to the face of the teeth. It also comes with a tiny wire that affixes the braces by running through them. A significant advantage of braces over Invisalign is its non-removable bracelets, unlike Invisalign which mainly useful in simple dental issues and for aesthetic purposes only.