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Teething is never easy for a baby. They have pain in their mouth jaw that won’t go away, and people have no knowledge what is going on or why that pain will not disappear. This is heartbreaking to parents because there are only so many things that they can do to help with teething problems. Some babies have a hard time with teeth that are coming in, but if your baby seems to be crying nonstop and seems to be in a lot of pain, teeth problems may not be the only thing going on with your baby. Always look for something else.

Teeth problems tend to be simple things like pain and irritation in the jaw, and sometimes a slight fever. Babies that teeth are going to drool a lot, so if you are not wiping excessive drool up, your baby can end up with a rather painful rash on the neck, face, and chest. Don’t beat yourself up if this happens, as of all teething issues, this one only happens once in a while, and usually before mom or dad realizes that teething has even started. Some babies drool so much during teething that a rash is almost inevitable at some stage, even if just a mild one.

If it seems that your baby is in pain with teeth problems, ask your doctor about giving them some infant Tylenol or Advil. These products can take the edge off of the pain for a few hours. Teething seems to be worse at night, probably because the gums have swollen throughout the day. Remember, a new tooth is a sharp bone poking up through the gums, which can be very painful. Molars tend to be the worst in the pain department, but each baby handles or feels the pain differently. Short term uses of medications can help with some teething problems to soothe the young one.

A baby can also find comfort in something to chew on. In fact, you may see that they are trying to chew on just about anything they can get their cute little hands on. This most common of teething problems can be helped with a frozen item that is safe for the baby. Think about getting teething rings that can be frozen or chilled. These help numb the teething pain as the baby chews on it. Be careful of items that can come apart or break, as they can be choking hazards for a baby. Or better yet, try giving him baby teething biscuits.

Some things that you think are teeth problems have nothing to do with teething at all. If your baby does not respond to anything you do to help them, there is probably something else going on. Your baby may have a cold, be experiencing rash pain, or any other number of things. If your baby is not calming down after medication and seems to cry and whine all day, you may want to look more closely to see what else is bothering them. Teething alone should not make your baby miserable. A bit cranky, yes, but don’t assume everything is related to teething.