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Dental health is an indispensable part of healthy living. However, due to the inherent pain associated with dental care, people are reluctant to visit dentists. However, technology has permeated the dental health sector making dental procedures less onerous.

Technology has not only advanced in dentistry but in aspects of medicine as well. You can achieve great health with a great body with the technologies available today. You can undergo surgeries to lose fat or have a fat loss with a laser. A laser is one of the new technologies used in medicine and dentistry.

Dentists use advanced laser dentistry to perform dental procedures using state of the art technology to penetrate deep into the tissues without causing damages. Initially, this process used more invasive procedures.


Dentists use this technology to remove discoloration, brighten, and whiten teeth. Advanced laser dentistry prevents gums from much bleeding and helps tissues heal faster. Additionally, surface enamel does not wear away or get damaged. The best part is that no drills are required to treat cavities.

Ultimately patients experience less pain and discomfort.

Other benefits include:

  • Reduced need for sutures and stitches
  • Less bleeding
  • You can easily forego anesthesia
  • Reduced bacterial infection

Advanced Laser DentistryHow it works 

Lasers use energy or light waves to penetrate body tissues. In fact, they penetrate tissues and bone-like tissues of the teeth. The light waves use energy pulses to break up stains and promote healthy tissue growth.

Dentists use advanced laser technology to minimize damage and maximize precision. Delicate cosmetic dental procedures which were done using conventional method now take short treatment and healing time.

Dental procedures that user laser dentistry 

While laser dentistry is commonly used for cosmetic procedures, it is effective in preventative procedures. In fact, advanced laser technology use has been growing tremendously. Some common procedures that use advanced laser technology include:

  • Frenectomy- lasers can be used in untying tongue of babies and adults to improve feeding habits and speech
  • Tumor removal- Lasers can be used to remove tumor around soft tissues of the mouth
  • Teeth whitening- Lasers increase the activity of peroxide bleaching solution particles hence expediating tooth whitening process
  • Biopsy- Lasers can be used to perform a biopsy with great precision and instantly

There are hard and soft tissues lasers. Erbium laser is a type of hard tissue laser. On the other hand, diode and carbon dioxide lasers are soft tissue lasers. If you have dental problems, consider visiting healthcare that uses advanced laser dentistry. You will be glad you did.